DIE: The Roleplaying Game

Created by Rowan, Rook and Decard

A tabletop RPG based on the DIE comic, created by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, and produced by the makers of Spire and Heart.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

July Update
2 months ago – Fri, Jul 21, 2023 at 07:23:47 AM


Well folks, we did it. Thanks to all of your support, DIE has now shipped to everyone who backed it and pre-ordered it, worldwide. If your book hasn’t already arrived, then it should at least be on its way, and we’ve had reports of them landing in Singapore, Japan, Australia and New Zealand now.

So: we’ll be closing down the Backerkit on Monday, and putting the books, dice and coins all up for sale on our website for general customers. We’re also sending out reviewer copies and fulfilling game store orders, so hopefully DIE will be appearing in an FLGS near you. (If you’re in the UK, look out for the next issue of Tabletop Gaming magazine, featuring some awesome Stephanie Hans art that you may recognise!)

We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve managed to create here, and we hope you’re all proud too.

… or is it?

As most of you know, writing a tabletop RPG like DIE is very much the beginning of a process: the game's not complete till it's played. And there are many more stories we want to make possible in the DIE universe. So we’re going to be starting that soon. 

Kieron and two other writers are already working on the first part of, we hope, a four part series: DIE Scenarios, a set of short softcover books giving you different ways to play DIE. The first part, working title Bizarre Love Triangles, should be available to order later this year; you can sign up for the RR&D mailing list if you’d like to make sure not to miss it.

Lots of you are already in the DIE Discord, where we’re hearing stories of the game being played, discussing character ideas and finding new ways to play with the game and the comics alike. We’d love to know how you find the game, what works for you, and what kinds of stories you manage to create. We’ve got plenty more plans for DIE, so please do come join us.

Thanks again for everything,

  • Kieron, Stephanie, Grant, Maz, Zach and all the crew at RR&D

June update: APAC shipping
3 months ago – Fri, Jun 30, 2023 at 02:43:41 AM

Hello folks! We've been working on getting the last parcels out to people in the Asia Pacific region. For the avoidance of doubt, this covers people with shipping addresses in Australia, China, Guam, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand amd Taiwan. Thanks to all of you for your patience through this process.

TL:DR; we're shipping starting Monday

Last time, we told you that there was a pallet of goods making its way to Aetherworks for further fulfilment. The bad news is that it's still on the way; a journey that was originally planned as 31 days door-to-door is going to take more than 90 days, due to a rich melange of issues that are no one's fault except for the global supply chain and, possibly, customs agents. That puts us in a situation where we might not be able to start shipping till September.

So: we're not going to do that. Instead, we're going to sort out a batch of parcels from our UK and/or US providers. It will cost us more money to do, but it means we will be able to put the books in your hands much more quickly, and to make sure that at least you all have parcels on the way before we go to Gen Con. With that in mind, we'll be locking down all remaining addresses, in about 48 hours' time. If you haven't updated your address and it isn't locked yet, please log in to Backerkit and do so now. After that, the remaining parcels will ship out over the next two weeks, and you'll get a tracking code emailed to you when your parcel is packed.

Everyone else... should have your things by now! There are a few exceptions - we're still working through the issues we had with shipping to Israel and Brazil, so we've been in touch with several backers who've been directly affected. We've also been reaching out to backers whose parcels have been returned. If you don't have your parcel yet and you've not heard from us, please drop us a line to [email protected] so we can follow up.

What this means is that we'll also be closing pre-orders in about two weeks' time, and moving to proper release. We're very excited - and looking forward to sharing what's next for DIE, too. Thanks for all your support for this project. 

Big love,

Maz, Kieron, Stephanie, Grant and everyone at RR&D

Quick fulfilment update + Kieron at UKGE!
4 months ago – Tue, May 30, 2023 at 08:32:19 AM

Hi folks, Maz here again with a brief shipping update.

The brief shipping update

US & Canadian backers: the team in Tennessee is now well over half-way through shipping your orders. But that does mean they still have more than 1750 orders left to ship, so if your order hasn't gone out yet, please don't panic. You'll get an email when the label for your order is printed, but it can still take a little while after that before it's collected and scanned in by the courier to provide tracking updates.

Canadian orders in particular are being batched for dispatch, because that reduces the risk of issues at the border. That can mean some orders sit at "label printed" for a while as they wait for other orders to join them. 

Brazil folks, we've shipped most of your orders; the ones with GM dice are taking a little longer while we make sure we can get them safely over the border without you getting badly stung for extra charges.

APAC folks, a pallet of goods which includes your orders is headed to LA to get on a plane, and we now think fulfilment will start for you in mid-to-late June. Will keep you updated here too.

It's been great to see so many people getting their orders, and we're really glad so many of you are enjoying the book. Keep the photos coming. And as ever if you have issues, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to make it right.

UKGE and signings

Also! Kieron will be joining us at stand 2-330 at the NEC for UK Games Expo this weekend, where he'll be signing books from 2pm to 3.30pm each day. If you're here, come say hello!

All the best,

Maz, Kieron, Stephanie, Grant and everyone at RR&D

US & Canadian shipping begins
4 months ago – Thu, May 18, 2023 at 01:27:43 AM

Good news! The first parcels for US and Canadian backers have begun to depart from our partners to your mailboxes, and the rest will follow along shortly. Please bear with us: there are more than 5,000 parcels to send, so it will take a little while to get all of them sent. We can't wait to see the books in your hands.

As ever, if you have concerns, questions, or anything arrives in a state you're not happy with, please email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you out. 

Thanks for all your support on this. And, Australians, New Zealanders and other Asia Pacific backers, expect an update on your shipping schedule in about a week's time.

Once Again, The DIE RPG Is Increasingly Imminent
5 months ago – Tue, May 09, 2023 at 04:08:47 AM

Hi folks, some good news!


The books have landed in the mainland United States, and are currently on their way through the clearance and transport process that will take them to our warehouse. We're hoping fulfillment will begin quickly once they've arrived and been checked over, so: we're going to lock down US and Canadian addresses in about 48 hours' time.  

Just to say that again: backers in the USA and in Canada, your addresses will lock down in about 48 hours, unless you have told us specifically that you want us to hold your parcel. Please log in to Backerkit now and make any changes there that you need. If you need us to hold your parcel for any reason, please get in touch with us at [email protected].  


Folks waiting for replacements from the first batch of orders: Your replacements should ship from Spiral Galaxy this week! 

Mexican backers: Your books will be coming out from the UK in the next week or so! 

Brazilian backers: Your country is very hard to ship to! We are doing our best: your parcels are all on their way, but Brazilian customs is notorious for fines and issues, so if anything goes wrong please email me ([email protected]) so we can deal with it appropriately! 

Israeli backers: Your country is also proving challenging to ship to, but we hope your parcels will go out in the next few days once we have confirmed our customs paperwork!

Australian, New Zealander and Asian backers: We're going to be sending your parcels out from Aetherworks, to reduce the risk of damages and other issues. We're expecting this will take another 3-4 weeks from the books landing in the US, but we will keep you posted and try to reduce that time if we can.


We want to thank everyone who's shared pictures and thoughts about the books, dice, screens, cards and coins on social media so far. It's incredibly exciting for us to share in your joy as things arrive! Please keep them coming as the parcels land - you can tag us (RR&D, Kieron and/or Stephanie) particularly on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and please use the #DIERPG hashtag if you're happy for us to retweet, repost or otherwise share what you've posted.


By which we mean: there’s a bunch of new or upcoming DIE RPG actual plays you can watch and/or listen to.

Cannibal Halfling have just finished their three-game playthrough (you can listen here from the start) and Fogo na Dungeon are doing one in Brazilian Portuguese.

My First Dungeon have gone all out with their AP. They’re up to episode four and it’s all good stuff - every character has their own theme tune, even! - so you should give it a listen from Session Zero. (Or Session One if you want to skip the character gen, but it’s worth a go.)

Kieron and Grant went on the show to discuss how to make the most of the game, too, and you can listen to that here.


Maz, Kieron, Stephanie, and everyone at RR&D xoxo